My Kitchen Essentials–Vitamix–The Ultimate Blender

In my kitchen, the one item of kitchen equipment that gets used most often, multiple times daily,  is my Vitamix blender. From morning smoothies, to salad dressings, baby food, ice crushing, cocktails–really soups to nuts, this machine is indispensable. I have had my Vitamix for at least 8 years and it has been a true workhorse. I have never had any problems at all and still have all original parts, except for the plunger tool, which I replaced after it disappeared in one of my moves. I hope it never stops working! I think I might have a family revolt if the Vitamix was ever gone for more than a few hours!

Here is a  my Amazon affiliate link for purchasing this amazing blender:

Vitamix 7500 Blender, Black

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