Sushi!! Family Sushi-Making at Home

Sushi!! Family Sushi-Making at Home

After our quick snack at Blue Gingko ( see the restaurant post here, my family was craving more sushi and we decided to make a home sushi feast. It was absolutely amazing!!!

ご馳走様(でした) gochiso-sama (deshita) –It was a feast!

My whole family loves sushi–my children and grandchildren grew up loving sushi. Going out for sushi is a great family event and we love to do it, (see my Restaurant post about another sushi bar–Yokohama here but sushi at restaurants can be quite expensive–especially for a large hungry family. Fortunately, it is really easy–and a lot of fun–to make sushi at home for a fraction of the cost of sushi bars.  Vegan sushi made at home, even with the best quality ingredients, is very inexpensive.You really don’t need any special equipment, just great raw ingredients–use organic whenever you can– and an adventurous spirit. So, why not have a sushi making party, make it festive, and make it a feast!

We researched recipes for sushi rice, looked for the best nori, wasabi and ginger, phoned around for sushi-grade fish (for my non-vegan family members), and my son fashioned a do-it-yourself sushi-rolling mat from wooden skewers, duct tape and plastic wrap. (The next time I made sushi at home by myself, I rolled it on just parchment paper and that worked really well too!). We were game on!

We made the sushi rice using Lundberg brand dry sushi rice, cooked in a rice cooker, and when the the rice was cooked, we added rice vinegar and a little sugar to make the classic sticky rice.

My family enjoyed California rolls with crab, and avocado, and ahi and salmon rolls with mango. I stuck with veggie rolls with avocado, cucumber and mango, all garnished with cilantro and scallions.

We all enjoyed ponzu sauce with scallions and sesame,  a fresh cucumber salad,  wasabi., and lots and lots of ginger!


ご馳走様(でした) gochiso-sama (deshita)!!!!

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