About Us

About Us


Beautiful Food

I started Table Karma because I want to empower people to seek out delicious, gourmet food that they can feel good about eating. When I began eating only plant-based vegan foods, it became apparent that it would not be easy to satisfy all of my cravings, but with a little creativity, I have been able to create amazing meals that feel so good to eat!

Around the world & at home

I have been able to travel the world, discovering incredible dishes along the way - but I didn't stop there! Each time I find an amazing dish I do my best to recreate it at home. Cooking restaurant quality food at home is not as hard as it sounds, and I'd love to show you how!

Meet theĀ Founder

Deborah Gibbons is an international consultant and healthy food aficionado. She is passionate about discovering new ways to make delicious, plant-base dishes that taste just as good as the ones the restaurants make.