Sushi Yokohama in Danville, CA–Child-Friendly Japanese Dining

One afternoon, I picked up two of my grandchildren from school at lunch time on the school’s “minimum” day. I asked where they would like to eat and they wanted to go to the sushi place with the playroom! So the playroom settled it–we were going to Sushi Yokohama in Danville, CA.

Imagine a casual sushi bar in a strip mall, with a huge sushi roll menu,

a long sushi bar and a large dining room decorated with whimsical touches,

playful desserts,

big screen tv’s with rotating pictures of lavish sushi rolls, and large sports-themed oil paintings–mostly dedicated to Stephen Curry (??)…


and last, but not least, equipped with a big children’s playroom, and you’ve got the formula for Sushi Yokohama!

In short, it is a perfect setting for lunch with the grandchildren. My grandson ordered his usual Japanese meal, which he loved–a large bento box with teriyaki steak, tempura, and a California roll.

His sister was mostly there for the playroom, but she ordered her favorites–edamame, miso soup, and rice. We got child-friendly cups for drinks and child-friendly clips for the chopsticks and the kids were happy!

I ordered the vegetarian sushi bento box with cucumber, avocado, and radish rolls, with ponzu sauce, and cucumber salad and lots of ginger. It comes with miso soup and an iceberg lettuce salad (skip it!) and it was beautifully presented.

Sushi Yokohama has a huge menu of beautiful, complicated sushi rolls with fish, but not too much to offer for vegans. My sushi rolls were pretty basic and not very filling, but fine.  The service was, well, non-existent. We were up walking around looking for necessities such as chopsticks and water, so don’t go here expecting fine dining service.

For a more satisfying sushi experience–for me, at least– we had a sushi-making party at home that was a lot of fun and a lot more food for me.  See my post here about that

My grandchildren loved the desserts here. There was a little freezer in the front of the restaurant–strategically-placed on the way to the playroom–with pre-made and highly over-priced treats that they served at the table.


All in all, a good experience with the grandchildren, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to go back for an adult-only dining experience. If I wanted to have restaurant sushi in the same general area, I would prefer to go to Blue Gingko (see my Restaurant post here Fish on Fire (watch for an upcoming post) or Taru Japanese Sushi and Cuisine (watch for an upcoming post).












and you’ve got Sushi Yokohama!

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